WannaCry ransomware just makes you want to cry, and yes…we were hit.


Our Relief Share blog was hit with Wanna Cry 2 ransomware and years of blog posts obliterated. Yes, it does make you wanna cry!

Not only were we hit, but we didn’t even get the chance to pay the ransom the hackers wanted as they did not respond to email requesting the amount, which we probably couldn’t have paid anyway.  We are small potatoes compared to FedEx, Deutsche Bahn, Britains Nation Health Service, numerous universities, and other businesses that also got hit.   KnowBe4 which warns companies against Phishing attacks said that the damage caused by Wannacry in just the initial four days could have exceeded $1 billion.  Some businesses will never recover and their family incomes are totally gone overnight leaving them with no way to support themselves.

Our ReliefShare.org blog had years of charity patterns, pictures, and donations in and out cataloged.  It takes a special kind of evil to do so much damage to others.

Bear with us as we do our best to repopulate all the posts and pray with us as we try to redo the charity blog, which is so important to the sick and needy.  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by WannaCry.